The evolution of tanning in the tanning industry has evolved from tanning salons to a healthier approach where sunless tanning has taken over. Sunless tanning lotions and spray tans are the safest alternative, convenient and time efficient way to acquire a beautiful glow.

Any tanning salons, beauty spa or day spa have added tanning booths or hired a certified spray tan technician to their list of commodities. Another alternative is mobile spray tanning, which seems to be a growing  trend. A Certified technician travels to you in the privacy of your home, workplace, hotel or desired location.

Spray tanning is a great way of obtaining a tan whether where you live or the season. You will get a perfect sun-kissed tan. Spray tanning has grown in use for bodybuilding/ fitness shows, photo shoots, weddings, recitals, pageants and movie sets!

Benefits of Spray Tanning

  • Time efficiency – no need to spend endless hours in a tanning bed.
  • Convenience
  • Instant tanning
  • Spray Tanning is Healthier
  • Achieve the tan you want in one session instead of 8-9 tanning sessions
  • Avoid skin cancer and UV/UVB rays of the sun can contribute if using a tanning bed.
  • Avoid harm to the skin or cause any cell damage.

Its not about tanning.  It is about looking good and feeling your best the healthy alternative way.

Take care of yourself and know how to protect your skin.