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Professional Makeup, Hair, and Spraytan Services for Fitness Personalities, Bridal Parties, and Individuals for Private Events.


Cherry Villanos

Cherry Dolls is a one-of-a kind mobile beauty service specializing in sunless spray tanning, hair and make-up. Owned by the vivacious Cherry Villanos, Cherry Dolls specializes in bringing out the glamorous in every client. She provides her services to from brides, bachelorettes, bombshell fitness beauties to professional bodybuilders to action star actresses.

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A Word From My Dolls

Karen Pang

SAN Sponsored Athlete/ CBBF Bikini Competitor I first called on Cherry's services in 2010 when I was in Toronto for the Canadian Nationals. Being away from home and by myself made things a bit more difficult for me. Even more so was the fact I would remain in Toronto until I left for Cleveland for the North Americans the following weekend! Between shows, I had multiple photoshoots but there was one in particular I am so thankful Cherry was there to help me! Fatigued from training, dieting and prepping for photoshoots I was wearing myself and my wallet thin from my schedule & taxi fares to shoot locations. My last shoot of the week, I had no idea where it was except knowing it wasn't close to where I was staying! Cherry was nice enough to pick me up! Running on empty, my creativity was NOT flowing and could [...]

Heather Barnes

IDFA Fitness Pro / OPA Fitness / UFE Elite Athlete I met Cherry back in 2006 and immediately loved her! Maybe it was because we are the same height... or maybe it is because of her beautiful, sparkling personality and positive attitude. I had seen Cherry helping others out backstage over the years and was always impressed, not only with the results on stage but in how much she seemed to care and enjoy what she was doing. Fast forward to November of 2010 when I was competing in my second show after a 3 year break and was in need of help with my tanning and make-up. I was so glad that Cherry was there. I was unsure about using a new tanning product and didn't have the right make-up, but Cherry took care of me and did a great job. She is quick but thorough and makes you [...]

Michelle MacDonald

WBFF Pro Fitness Model I had the good luck to connect with Cherry at the WBFF World Championships in September, 2010, and again at the SAF Fall Spectacular, and loved her positivity and great energy. So, when I needed to get a professional tan for my recent photoshoot in Toronto earlier this year, I gave her a call. She arrived at my hotel despite severe weather warnings, and set up shop in my room, entertaining me with her own workout stories and helping me relax and get into it. If you've ever had to get a spray tan in the winter, (or ever, really) you know it can be an anxious experience, and certainly not the most comfortable. I'll be frank, with low body-fat, it's cold, awkward and you're always worrying about the results. A good tan - getting the right color, how even the application is, and whether it [...]


"I felt beautiful after having left Cherry's chair, her professionalism, expertise and knowledge of 'competition day' stage prep gave me all the confidence I needed to get up on stage. She gave me the final touches I needed to complete the package. Cherry is amazing at what she does, Cherry you have a client for life!"

Emily Zelinka Fowler

IFBB PRO Cherry has helped me transform from a tomboy to a glamazon for my shows. I compete in figure and have had cherry do my hair and makeup for various shows. As a result of my transformation I have placed amazingly well.
Her fun loving attitude and crazy but perfect personality makes her a pleasure to be around especially at the wee hours of the morning the day of the show. She is easy going and sometimes absolutely hilarious which in turn takes away the jitters or anxiety that goes hand in hand with competing.
Thanks cherry! You rock girl!

Carrie Maccorkindale

Cherry Dolls helped me with my tanning and make-up for the IDFA 2009 Novice Classic. In my past competitions, my tan never seemed to be as dark as the other competitors on stage. When I did my last competition, it was a perfect all over even tan and was darker than anyone else there! Cherry Dolls went out of her way to make everything perfect for me. She is fast, professional and truly an artist. I love being Cherryfied!

Angelique Michelle "Remarkably diligent in the services she renders, Cherry aims & achieves perfection for me every single time! Reasons why she's worth my buck: She's commited to me all day (at a price, but well worth it!). She knows what 'GOOD' stage color is, has ample experience with competitors at ALL levels (ie. Amateur, National, & Pro) - SO... I trust her. She has an eye for detail, always touches me up when I need it. She's fashionable, trendy and great with make up. She's helps me win 🙂 Isn't that enough??? !!

Andrea Smith

WBFF Pro Bikini "There are few people I trust when it comes to prepping me for a show. As an athlete, show day is the most important day of the year because my entire year's worth of training comes down to one day. Cherry is the perfect person to help with hair, makeup and tanning so you don't have to worry about anything on show day. She made me look so fabulous for my GW shoot, those pics were used for a Cygen ad and IFMs hot and fit 100! You KNOW you want to be dolled up by Cherry"

Ana Obradovic Plenter

Build My Body Beautiful & Body Beautiful Bootcamps It was absolutely amazing working with Cherry. She is a real pro when it comes to all things you need the day of the show, from tanning, glazing, hair, makeup (and keeping you calm ) She did a fabulous job with my tanning and was there with me the evening before the show all the way to the end of the next day helping with whatever I needed. I had so many complements on my tan from other girls and it looked awesome on stage. Believe me tanning is something you want to have someone who knows what they are doing help you with, because I have seen some disasters such as blotchy tans, to tans that came off on certain parts of the body mid day, to tanning cream all over competitors suit (yikes!). I've also seen Cherry do hair [...]