WBFF Pro Fitness Model

I had the good luck to connect with Cherry at the WBFF World Championships in September, 2010, and again at the SAF Fall Spectacular, and loved her positivity and great energy. So, when I needed to get a professional tan for my recent photoshoot in Toronto earlier this year, I gave her a call. She arrived at my hotel despite severe weather warnings, and set up shop in my room, entertaining me with her own workout stories and helping me relax and get into it. If you’ve ever had to get a spray tan in the winter, (or ever, really) you know it can be an anxious experience, and certainly not the most comfortable. I’ll be frank, with low body-fat, it’s cold, awkward and you’re always worrying about the results. A good tan – getting the right color, how even the application is, and whether it dries properly – can make a huge difference at a photoshoot or when you’re about to get on stage. All your hard work can be undone depending on your tan and make-up!

I didn’t have to worry about anything. Cherry kept me laughing through my teeth-chattering, and quickly made the necessary adjustments to the color as needed. She meticulously had me look everything over in bright light to make sure it was even, and took care of any potential problems, even offering to come back and do touch-ups the following day, (I was doing a two-day shoot).

All in all, this will definitely not be the last time I use her services, and I have already referred her to other athletes who are looking for a professional tan for their photoshoots and upcoming shows.
Good luck Cherry!