SAN Sponsored Athlete/ CBBF Bikini Competitor

I first called on Cherry’s services in 2010 when I was in Toronto for the Canadian Nationals. Being away from home and by myself made things a bit more difficult for me. Even more so was the fact I would remain in Toronto until I left for Cleveland for the North Americans the following weekend!

Between shows, I had multiple photoshoots but there was one in particular I am so thankful Cherry was there to help me! Fatigued from training, dieting and prepping for photoshoots I was wearing myself and my wallet thin from my schedule & taxi fares to shoot locations. My last shoot of the week, I had no idea where it was except knowing it wasn’t close to where I was staying! Cherry was nice enough to pick me up! Running on empty, my creativity was NOT flowing and could not put a single outfit together. Cherry not only styled my entire shoot, she made sure my tan was even, hair & make up perfect and when I ran out of ideas for poses, she’d give me suggestions for different shots!

How I ever did shoots without Cherry there boggles my mind. Competitions and photoshoots tend to be very stressful & there’s no one like Cherry to take the load off! I love her energy, positivity and kindness and I’m lucky and proud to be her client.