The 2016 CBBF Nationals took place in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was a hot summer day in the prairies.

CBBF Nationals Athletes:

  • Mari Rodriguez (Alberta)
  • Adriana G (British Columbia)
  • Isabel Reyes (Manitoba)
  • Caroline Tsiuk (Ontario)
  • Maria Sokolova (Ontario)
  • Jade Atkinson (who received her IFBB Pro Card) (Ontario)
  • Melanie Leger ( Quebec)
  • Jade Montana (British Columbia)
  • Makaila Brie Custance (British Columbia)

Working with repeat clients who trust my work makes the experience so much easier for both parties. They know what to expect, they’re relaxed coming in for their appointments and happy with the end result.

Thank you so much to Isabel Reyes for your hospitality and taking Monica Kalra of Violet Noir Artistry and I to and from the airport and welcoming us to Winnipeg for our fun, busy and short stay!

All Dolled Up

here are some pictures of the ladies ready for the show!