Build My Body Beautiful & Body Beautiful Bootcamps

It was absolutely amazing working with Cherry. She is a real pro when it comes to all things you need the day of the show, from tanning, glazing, hair, makeup (and keeping you calm ) She did a fabulous job with my tanning and was there with me the evening before the show all the way to the end of the next day helping with whatever I needed.

I had so many complements on my tan from other girls and it looked awesome on stage. Believe me tanning is something you want to have someone who knows what they are doing help you with, because I have seen some disasters such as blotchy tans, to tans that came off on certain parts of the body mid day, to tanning cream all over competitors suit (yikes!). I’ve also seen Cherry do hair and makeup on some of the other girls at the show, and I really wish I had known how amazing she is at that as well! I saw girls go from pretty to absolutely stunning after she was done with them. I also have to say, since it was my first show, and I did not know anyone or where to go, when to go on stage, where to hang out, what to do, it was soooo good to have Cherry by my side, she introduced me to many other girls which made my experience so much fun! She is really the best, and I will definitely be working with her again 🙂