I met Cherry while working at a fitness expo a few years ago and she was very friendly and outgoing. The same day I met her she helped me with posing and walking for an upcoming show I was doing. A few months later I decided to compete in my first figure show (IDFA Toronto Classic) but I had NO idea how to pose, walk or what to do about my hair, makeup or tan and I only had 2 days left till the show. It was a last minute decision to compete but I really wanted to do it, so I contacted Cherry and asked her if she could help me. I was in desperate need of posing coaching and I needed my tan done. Luckily Cherry was able to teach me posing, walking at the last minute, and it worked! I learned my quarter turns and mandatory poses in less than a few hours, I was SO happy! The night before the show, Cherry painted me then retouched it the following morning. She did my hair for me as well as makeup which looked absolutely amazing! I placed 4th in the Figure tall class, I was ecstatic since this was my first show and I literally only had a few days to get ready!

Over the years I kept in touch with Cherry and I would always call her if I had a photo shoot and needed my hair and makeup done, she always did such a unique job. Last September I decided to compete in the Ontario Naturals so I decided to contact Cherry to do my hair and makeup and help me with my posing again, since she had done such a great job all the other times I worked with her. We met up and she helped go through posing and walking and helped calm my nerves, she’s really good at this! When working with her I know everything is always under control and I don’t have to worry about anything. The day of the show she did my hair and makeup in less than 30min. I was so relieved. It looked fantastic, I really stood out on stage and I ended up placing 1st in my class and then winning overall best figure! This was one of the happiest moments of my life and Cherry contributed to this by giving it 120% effort to assure that my stage presence was as best as could be and my hair and makeup looked perfect!! I plan to continue working with Cherry for all upcoming shows; I trust her 100% with my tan, hair, makeup and stage prep!