ABOUT Cherry Dolls

Cherry Dolls is a one-of-a kind mobile beauty service specializing in  makeup, spraytanning and hair.

Cherry Dolls specializes in bringing out the glamorous in every client with her and her glam squad for:

  • Fitness Competitions
  • Photoshoots
  • Bridal
  • Girls night out

Cherry Dolls is owned by the vivacious Cherry V. Her glowing personality, combined with the latest trends in makeup and hair, her creative edgy approach, makes her one the leading and most sought after beauty professionals in the business.

With over 11 years of hands on experience, Cherry is dependable, consistent and knows exactly what her client needs.

Featured in:

  • Inside Fitness Magazine
  • Inside Fitness Magazine for WOMEN
  • Oxygen Magazine
  • Status Fitness
  • Fitness Magazine
  • US Weekly
  • FitnessRx for Women
  • Fit & Firm Magazine
  • Training & Fitness Magazine

Cherry and her Glam Squad Dolls are your beauty experts ready to DOLL YOU UP!

Get Dolled Now!