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2011_lauren jacobsen

Lauren Jacobsen Photoshoot

On a snowy day I spray tanned Lauren Jacobsen for her photoshoot with Judi Stone of Stone Photography.  Two of her photos from this session published in the Inside Fitness Magazine Hot & Fit Top 100 in 2011 and 2012.


CHERRY DOLLS wishes our clients and partner affiliates a very Merry Christmas and safe holiday with family and friends. We look forward to another prosperous new year ahead.

Busy season!

Hello everyone! Its been a while since the site has been updated. So many positive and amazing things have been going on for Cherry Dolls. As we travel across Canada. Lots to update in regards to photos and information as to where we will be next. In the meantime, for any inquiries please email […]

spray tan bikini model

Robyn Baldwin

WBFF Bikini Model/ Magnum Sponsored Athlete  I’ve used Cherry’s tanning services three times now. Each time she was beyond professional and fun to work with. For competition tanning the colour was dark enough for the stage without making me look orange! Her set up is always quick and easy. You get in and you […]

spray tan bikini model

Joelle Murphy

WBFF Fitness Model Pro/ Magnum Sponsored Athlete Competing at my first WBFF competition and being from out of town, I didn’t know who to contact to get my make-up and hair done. I was suggested by my trainer to contact Cherry! I am SO glad I did! Cherry and her crew did both my make-up […]